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The Lighter Side of House

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Of Canes and Doors

I thought it might be fun to make a list of all the times House uses his cane to open doors or stop lift doors. Seems like it happens a lot. Poor old cane, House puts it through all sorts of things. Although there are worse things for the cane (I'm thinking Wilson and a particular dog... Pop quiz! Name the episodes I'm referring to!).

Anyway, here we go. This is of course an incomplete list, please add to it in the comments!
Ep2-01: Acceptance
House and Stacy are discussing House's latest trick. Just before the elevator doors close with House inside it, House stops the door with his cane, to ask Stacy a question. It is a pretty neat way to continue a scene that you thought was over, isn't it?

Ep2-07: Hunting
Cameron gets on the elevator looking rather worse for wear. Just before the doors close, House's cane clangs between the gap. House and rat get on elevator.

Ep2-16: Safe
Following on from Wilson's subterfuge to let House get a better 'look' at a patient, House uses his cane like a limbo stick to block the elevator entrance. Foreman slips under it, but the rest aren't so lucky, as a hospital bed is taking up the rest of the space. House also uses the cane to fend off Foreman when he tries to turn off the emergency stop House activated.

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