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The Lighter Side of House

Monday, August 13, 2007

von Lieberman

This guy's name is Weber, not von Lieberman
I call him Weber von Lieberman. Way eviler.
Just had to make a quick post about Ep2-12: Dustractions. The lecture bit is great! Well, not for von Lieberman.... Weber. It's fun for Wilson.
You going to wait til he bends over then make a fart sound?
Heh... House cheated off Weber. He got the answer wrong. Wilson can't seem to decide whether he should just let House charge on and enjoy it himself, or keep trying to stop the inevitable.

His comments are great fun. Hmmm.. yes, bowling's more fun than stalking. But House is better at stalking. Doesn't have to use his leg. Although a plasma TV does sound good. But if House doesn't want it, I'll have it. He can buy it. Wilson's face when House speaks Hindi is classic. Either he can learn languages in a day, or he's obsessed with obsessive stalking.

House does make some good points about who 'hails it a breakthrough'. The lunatic does indeed need a new hobby. It turns out to be self-induced migraines. Which Wilson exploits to full potential, by dropping cutlery in the sink. Ouch. The House-Wilson banter is a great thread through the episodes.
Dr Jekyll, I presume? They found a half-eaten sheep in the zoo, police want to ask you a few questions.
(A grateful nod to the people at TwiztTV for the transcripts)



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