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Other people's contributions that lead to House's revelations, inconsistencies at the Hospital, Chase's desire to please House,
and the extraordinary things in between.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Brief outline of 'The Diagnostic Team at Work'

So I was going to begin with a "Hello sick people" introduction but then I realised someone else already did so on this and I don't want to be a copy cat so I figured I would just introduce this blog. Boring yes, but hey...

So here are some of the topics I plan to venture into:

>How often has Chase agreed with House and how does House or others react to these supporting comments from Chase? When was the first time we saw indications of this behavior from him? And how does this behavior relate to Chase's need to please House with answers, etc.? This should be an interesting one, mapping out a timeline of Chase during the reign of House's major threats, i.e. Vogler and Vogler 2.o.

>Listing what extraordinary things House has done to diagnose and save his patients. Again, an interesting one I wager. I am interested in also adding House's relationship to the patient into how far he is willing to go. Like it or not, there are some patients he bonds with, in his own House-y way.

>How does House solve the cases? In what cases do the other doctors come up with solutions, information that House didn't have before that? There is of course, as of 'Finding Judas', Chase's laser pointer revelation, but when do the ducklings suggest something that House builds off of.

And some topics I plan to briefly touch:

> Inconsistancies (Not medically)
> Running gags (Some minor things that come back in later episodes)

If any of these topics interest you then feel free to contribute, if you have something you want to want me to cover feel free, so basically Questions, comments, and concerns are welcome, and I look forward to being a part of this fantastic website.



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