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The Characters ::  The Greg House - Stacy Warner Relationship in Quotes

House & Stacy Warner
Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) and Stacy Warner (Sela Ward).
Credit: Scott Garfield/FOX
Conversations between House and Stacy:
  • Stacy: "God, you're an idiot."
    House: "I think I'm more of a jerk." [#121]
  • House [about Mark, Stacy's husband]: "I diagnosed him, I did my job. You want somebody to tie him down and force him into treatment, well, you're way better at that than I am."
    Stacy: " Is that what this is? Payback for your leg? How many times have we been over this; I saved your life."
    House: "Yeah, maybe."
    Stacy: "You're going to kill my husband to teach me a lesson?"
    House: "No, he's going to die because he's too stubborn to make the right choice."
    Stacy: "Now we're in your territory."
    House: "I'm respecting your husband's decision, I don't see why you've got a problem with that."
    Stacy: "Because it's crap! Because you browbeat patients, intimidate them, lie to them. If you think you're right you don't give a damn what they think. I did what you do all the time, the only difference is I did it to you." House: "He'll never forgive you."
    Stacy: "Yeah, HE will." [#122]
  • Stacy: "You fixed him."
    House: "De nada."
    Stacy: "Thank you. [pause] You were right."
    House: "He's gonna be fine."
    Stacy: "No, about me. I'm not over you. You were— you were the one. You always will be. But I can't be with you."
    House: "So I'm the guy. But you want the other guy, who by definition can never be the guy."
    Stacy: What's so great about you is you always think you're right. What's so frustrating about you is you are right so much of the time. You are brilliant, funny, surprising, sexy. But with you I was lonely. And with Mark there's room for me. " [#122]
  • House [speaking to Stacy but initially about Cuddy]: "She's not like you. She can't just walk into a bar and pick up her soul mate in twenty minutes."
    Stacy: "I met Mark at a fundraiser that happened to be held at a—"
    House: "You met me at a strip club."
    Stacy: "You were the worst two dollars I ever spent." [#201]
  • Stacy (discovering she's been had and House hadn't cleared things with Cuddy first): "You said you cleared it with her—"
    House: "Come on. You've known me how long and you still don't know when I'm joshin' ya?" [#201]
  • Stacy (referring to him lying to her): "Were you trying to get me fired? If you didn't want me working here, why didn't you just say so?"
    House: "I just don't want you working here, in my office. But anywhere else in the building is fine. It's a big hospital."
    Stacy: "I'm a lawyer. You're a jerk. There's gonna to be some overlap."
    House: "God, I hope that was a euphemism."
    Stacy: "Cuddy just reamed me."
    House: "I hope that one means what I think it means."
    Stacy: "For trusting you! She figured when she hired me she'd at least have someone you couldn't walk all over.... I need to know, can I trust you?"
    House: "If I hadn't lied to you about Cuddy's approval, my patient would be dead."
    Stacy: "Great. Now I know. Now we can work together." [#201]
  • Stacy (facing House after she told Cuddy what he had told her): "I didn't have any choice."
    House: "No, you had to tell Cuddy. She's your boss, I get it. Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor, too."
    Stacy: "Yeah, pretty much on that same level."
    House: "Gandhi didn't march the sea because his buddies asked him too, Pol Pot didn't wipe out the teachers because he wanted to make friends."
    Stacy: "You're not making friends right now."
    House: "I trusted you."
    Stacy (acknowledging that she broke that trust): "I know."
    House (referring to advice Wilson had given him): "Wilson's a fool. I'm an idiot."
    Stacy: "I had to do what I thought was right."
    House: "It's the only reason anyone does anything." [#201]
  • Stacy [as House enters her office]: "You've come to search my office, you should wait ten minutes I'll be out of your hair. Here, start with my purse (throws it across to House) just save me some mints. What do you want to know? My sex life with Mark? My guilt over crippling your damn leg? Or are you just here to gloat because you weren't the leak?
    House: I want to apologize [he solemnly sits down] Maybe I've been punishing you for a little too long. And maybe you've been punishing me. If we're going to work together, I need to know - do you hate me? Or do you love me? Either way, I think we've got a problem
    Stacy: I hate you. And I love you. And I love Mark
    House:You don't hate him?
    Stacy:: No
    House: So what do we do?
    Stacy: We deal with each other
    House: Right. That plan's been working great so far
    Stacy: It'll get better, it'll get easier
    House: Why?
    Stacy: I don't know, it's what my therapist tells me" [#206]
What House says to or about Stacy or their relationship:
  • "When she's angry, she gets sarcastic. When she's annoyed, she's funny, but when she's frustrated, she gets pissy." [#206]
  • "Memory serves, quick climb up Mt.. Gregory and you dozed through a seal hunt. Clubbing, shrieking.... I could make sure you sleep like a baby tonight."
    Stacy: "Rather take care of that myself." [#207]
  • House to Wilson: "Where's the coumadin?... It's for Stacy's rat. Death by anti-coagulation.
    Wilson: Trying to win Stacy back by killing an animal... very caveman
    House: I don't want her back, I just want her to admit her feelings for me. I go to Cuddy, Cuddy fires her or re-assigns her. Either way, I'm happy." [#207]
  • House to Stacy about Mark: "He's mad at you.... He resents you for being able to walk. Been there. I resented you for hell of a long time." [#207]
  • House [continuing to try to find out why Stacy doesn't have her cross]: "I suppose it's also possible that the clasp broke, but then you'd be carrying the thing around in your purse."
    Stacy [finally giving to the inevitable to tell House what he will not give up on even though it means telling House about her relationship with her husband]: "We had a fight. We had a fight and I was angry and not thinking straight, and I walked out without my make-up and without my cross! I stopped at the drug store to buy make-up, but I couldn't buy a cross because they don't have an aisle for personal talismans!"
    House: "So you had a fight, I'm sure it'll blow over."
    Stacy: "It was about nothing."
    House: "Of course it was. Mark's tired, he's worried, he's got mobility problems. It's normal that he'd blow up over little things."
    Stacy: "I don't mind fighting over little things! I don't even mind fighting over big things! That I could understand. But we fight over nothing! You know a mailbox with a sign that says 'last pick-up 5pm', does that mean last pick-up to go to the post office, or last pick-up to leave the post office and be sent out of town?"
    House: "You fought over mail delivery?"
    Stacy: "I tried to get him to drop the subject, but he wouldn't. I told him he was right, he thought I was being condescending!"
    House: "You were."
    Stacy: "He's pushing me out of his life."
    House: "Maybe you're misinterpreting."
    Stacy: "Did I misinterpret with you? At least this time I recognize it. That's the bitter bit of convincing the two men you ever loved they're better off without you."
    House: "Yeah, it's all your fault. You know 'Stacy' in the original Greek means relationship killer." [#210]
  • House: "...when you have a fight with Mark, and you try to avoid me, I have to think that—"
    Stacy: "That I'm feeling vulnerable and I don't want to be around you because it might lead to something."
    House: "Right. But then a hotel room—"
    Stacy: "Might also lead to something."
    House: "Hmm. So... which is it?"
    Stacy: "Our relationship is like an addiction. It's— like—"
    House: "Really good drugs?"
    Stacy: "No, it's like— vindaloo curry."
    House: "Ok, sure—"
    Stacy: "Really, really hot Indian curry they make with red chilli peppers."
    House: "I know what it is! Didn't think it was addictive."
    Stacy: "You're abrasive and annoying and come on way too strong, like... vindaloo curry. When you're crazy about curry, that's fine but no matter how much you love curry, you have too much of it, it takes the roof of your mouth off. And then you never want to see curry for a really, really long time but you wake up one day and you think... god I really miss curry. [the two people move close together] You're a jerk.
    House: I know [They kiss] If you hadn't just had a fight with Mark—
    Stacy: "For once in your life will you shut up?" [she kisses him]" [#210]
  • House to Stacy after they have slept together: "You going to tell him?"
    Stacy: "How am I going to tell him? Still working on that phrasing. How about, 'Know all that stuff you were worried about when we first came here, honey? you were right.'"
    House: "Pithy."
    Stacy: "Everything's easy when you don't care if you hurt anyone."
    House: "You already did the hurting part. He just doesn't know it yet."
    Stacy: "If I never tell him, it'll never hurt. I want not to love Mark. I want to hate you. I want all of this to be simple, but it's not."
    House: "You can either have a life with me, or you can have a life with him. It can't be both. It's not easy. But it is simple." [#211]
  • House to Stacy: "How do you think this is gonna end? We'll be happy for what? A few weeks, few months. And then I'll say something insensitive, or I'll start ignoring you. And at first it'll be okay. It's just House being House. And then at some point, you will need something more. You'll need someone who can give you something I can't. You know I"m right. I've been there before."
    Stacy: "Oh. Oh. It doesn't have to be."
    House: "It does. It does. I don't want to go there again. I'm sorry, Stacy." [#211]
What Stacy says about House and Mark Warner, her husband:
  • "My goodness, it's like watching Oscar Wilde and Noel Coward in the third grade." [#206]

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