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House (Hugh Laurie) gets an office visitfrom a patient in the HOUSE episode "Selfish" airing Mon, Sept. 27 (8-9 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

6th Seasan DVD

House Game
September 27, 2010 (ran about four minutes long)
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Written by
Eli Attie
Directed by
Dan Attias
In the background at the beginning at the arena "AM/FM"
From Fox Broadcasting Company:

Alyson Stoner ("Phineas and Ferb") Guest-Stars

When Della (guest star Stoner), a seemingly healthy and active 14-year-old, suddenly collapses during a skateboarding exhibition, House and his team struggle to diagnose her condition and reassure her parents who already have to cope with their son's terminal illness. After her body rejects a donor lung, and with time running out to save her life, Della's family is left with little hope of securing a new donor and faced with a seemingly impossible decision regarding the fate of both children. Meanwhile, House tries to appease an elderly father and his son at the clinic, and House and Cuddy begin to face the challenges of taking their romantic relationship into the workplace in the all-new "Selfish" episode of HOUSE airing Monday, Sept. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (HOU-702) (TV-14 D, L, S)
Within a few days of the last episode
Patient of the Week:
Della Carr
How House gets involved:
Cuddy offers him the case and he takes it easily, probably to please his new lover.
The privacy invasion / ethical breach / Rule Breaking
Preliminary diagnoses:
Heart arrhythmia, long QT syndrome, kidney failure, Fabry¹s Disease, amyloidosis, hemothorax, Goodpasture¹s Syndrome, LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis). Della gets a lung transplant but the new lung starts to fail almost immediately.
The final diagnosis
Sickle cell trait. Della needs and finally everyone agrees for her to get half a lung and a bone marrow transplant from her brother. Since her brother has muscular dystrophy and his lungs will fail in his 20s, this will reduce his life span.
Who Came up with final diagnosis
House, put onto it by the comment that Della never gets a cold.
Clinic Patients
A 102 year old man accompanied by his son. Both bribe House to tell the other that the father should be in a nursing home. But House returns their money and gives a real diagnosis.
Additional Information:
  • Chase is dating four women.

House & Cuddy
House (Hugh Laurie, L) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, R) argue over a family's decision to treat their young daughter in the HOUSE episode "Selfish" airing Mon, Sept. 27 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX
Additional Resources
Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen/Dr. Remy Hadley

Guest Cast: Alyson Stoner as Della; Sean Smith as Ernest; Stephanie Courtney as Claire; Dwier Brown as George; Cody Saintgnue as Hugo; Chase Austin as Billy; Murray Gershenz as Maurice; Allan Rich as Sidney; Reggie De Leon as Vincent; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue, Scenes:
  • House and Cuddy agree to talk to Human Resources about their relationship and to keep quiet about it until they have. House doesn't keep quiet abd Wilson continues to think he is delusional. To get House to HR, Cuddy convinces Wilson rather dramatically. And then House cancels a risky test when Cuddy demandsthat he does. Later Wilson greats him as he finishes his clinic duty and tells House ""I'm happy for you. You're happy for you. This is huge. So, who's going to supervise you?"
       Wilson pauses before responding, "Well, I guess maybe that can work,"
       "Maybe? Nothing's changed."
       "You showed up for clinic hours, voluntarily."
       "Fine, a little bit has changed."
       "House, everything has changed. You're sleeping together. You want something from her besides sign off on scaring your patient to death.... I want this to work."
       "I'm not doing anything differently. She changed my mind about one diagnostic test and she was right. Even though its your emotional default, stop worrying. I can handle it."

  • Later they get into another argument about his normally risky tests. This time House sees what is happening to them and goes to Wilson who can see House needs to talk something out and asks, "What happened?."
       "She said 'yes' and I heard 'no'. I didn't actually hear 'no' But I just was sure that was what she meant. What do I even care what she meant? She said 'yes' and that's all that matters." He leans forward. "I'm screwing this up.."
       "It's not completely bad, House. You care enough to pull your punches. That's not a bad thing. But You and Cuddy have got to figure out a way of avoiding this problem. Set some ground rules."
       "Yeah. I have to avoid this problem. If I can restrict our interactions to places where neither of us are wearing pants."
       "Yeah, that's not avoiding the problem, that's avoiding the issue."
       "Since avoidance is my plan for dealing with the issue, technically that's not avoiding it."

  • Cuddy decides thiat she needs to get someone else to supervise House as she is giving in too much (and so is he). But then she goes to him to tell him, "HR can't find you a new supervisor."
       "How come?"
       "Because you are unsupervisable, House. Two department chairs threatened to quit."
       "Well, I guess we're stuck with each other."
       At this point she allows him to do something she had told him not to do and he admits he has already done it telling the parents of the patient that the only hope for their daughter was to cut short the life of their son who is not expected to live past 25. Those parents come up to tell House and Cuddy they do not agree to take a lung from their son and House tells them they are idots and Cuddy stands up to him and tells him it is not his choice. They they realize that the son has overheard and he takes the choice out of everyone's hands. As they leave House tells Cuddy, "We got lucky. I did give them an impossible choice. The kid took it away from them. "
       "That fight it was the first honest interaction you and I have had since we came back to work. If we are painfully, brutally honest with each other, maybe we're get lucky again."

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Pictures from the show copyright Fox Broadcasting Corporation
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