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May 11, 2009 (Season Finale)
House (Hugh Laurie) treats a clinic patient (guest star Carl Reiner) who complains of stomach problems in the HOUSE season finale episode "Both Sides Now" airing Monday, May 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX
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Written by
Doris Egan
Directed by
Greg Yaitanes
The day after the last episode ended.
Patient of the Week
Young man who had had seizure and to get rid of them had surgery to cut the part of his brain that connects the left and right sides. His left hand now does weird things occasionally.
How House gets involved:
Cameron brings them the case
Preliminary diagnoses:
House is sure the patient has pancreatic cancer even though nothing shows. Turns out his subconscious is thinking of the clinic patient. More to Come.
The final diagnosis
A chemical in his deodorant turns out to cause heart problems and also seizures (so he may not have needed to have the surgery that separated his left and right brains.
Clinic Patients
Old man who occasionally now squawks who turns out to have something really serious.
Additional Information:
  • Turns out House and Cuddy did not have sex: he hallucinated it as he did the detox.
  • House sees not only Amber but also Kutner and finally admits he needs help and actually accepts it this time and voluntarily enters the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital.
  • Chase and Cameron get married.
  • TV Guide's MATT talks about the hospital House goes into at the end: "Greystone Park State Hospital (in Morristown, N.J.) made its debut in 1876 as the not-so-subtly named New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum. The hospital has tended to such patients as singer-songwriter Woody Guthrie, and until the Pentagon was built, it boasted the largest foundation (674,000 sq. feet) of any structure in the U.S. I'd try to book a Q&A with the building, but fear I'd be stonewalled." (we were informed of this info in TV Guide by David Lomazoff)
  • What was hallucination and what wasn't?
    • Everything after House speaks to Cuddy about her "bastard child" in the previous episode including the detox and the kiss and the sex were hallucinations.
    • The beginning of this episode including the lipstick on the sink and the effects of the sex that House thought he saw in his face was hallucination.
    • When Cuddy comes to him to insist that they be employer and employee that is real, but House thinks it is in response to the sex and Cuddy is talking about the insult to her child.
    • Wilson telling House to make Cuddy angry is probably real but it is so unlike Wilson that House could have hallucinated it in order to justify what he does next. In this editor's opinion, the reality of that is up in the air.

Chase and Cameron
Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Chase (Jesse Spencer) share an emotional moment in the HOUSE season finale episode "Both Sides Now" airing Monday, May 11 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX
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Cast: Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House; Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Lisa Cuddy; Omar Epps as Dr. Eric Foreman; Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson; Jennifer Morrison as Dr. Allison Cameron; Jesse Spencer as Dr. Robert Chase; Peter Jacobson as Dr. Chris Taub; Kal Penn as Dr. Lawrence Kutner; Olivia Wilde as Thirteen

Guest Cast: Carl Reiner as Eugene Schwartz; Anne Dudek as Amber; Ashton Holmes as Scott; Maria Thayer as Annie; Scott Conley as Warren; Sheila Daley as Paula; Richard Sabine as John; Jason Boegh as Leo; William Woff as Minister; Jennifer Crystal Foley as Rachel Taub; Adam Trahan as Private Stripper; Bobbin Bergstrom as Nurse

Quotes, Quotations, Dialogue, Scenes:
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    House is convinced that he has detoxed and that he slept with Cuddy after she helped him through it. Actually, she walked out on him when he called her daughter a bastard. So, when she comes to talk to him the next day with a fully buttoned up suit, he points at that saying, "Isn't that like locking the barn door after the horse has put his face between your breasts for an hour and a half?"
       Cuddy is used to his strange comments and is focused on what she came to say and says, "I'm your boss. You're an employee."
       "I'm not normally into role playing but if you wanna---"
       "People who get close to you get hurt. That's a fact. You're also a valued doctor in this hospital. That's another fact. From now on we're going to focus on the second fact."
       "So, this isn't you freaking out over last night?"
       "This isn't an emotional decision. I'm giving you the rules. You can either accept them or leave." And Cuddy walks out. House looks down at his hand where he thinks he has her lipstick.

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    House goes to Wilson and tells him, "I slept with Cuddy. After she helped me detox from Vicodin. I've been clean for almost 24 hours now." Wilson just stares at him trying to take this in and believe it. House finally gets up to leave. "Thought I'd mention it."
       Wilson finally figures out what to say, "Wow. Wow! One for each."
       "That's what she said. Ha!"
       "How's the pain."
       "She's probably got some bruising."
       "Yeah. I get it. You're a stud. This is serious, House."
       "I feel better than I did four hours ago. Four hours from now, I'll feel better than this."
       "The other wow. You were sober. She was sober?"
       "Clean and sober and hot."
       "Wow. This is fantastic. How are you gonna screw it up?"
       "Several good options. Unfortunately, I don't think she's gonna give me the pleasure. She told me that I'm just an employee."
       "Well either she actually in love with you and scared or she realized that last night was a gigantic mistake. You were needy and vulnerable. She was maternal."
       "You think she jumped me out of pity?"
       "No. I'm saying whatever's going on. You need to talk to her."
       "Absolutely." His tone actually suggests the meaning is, 'Like Hell'.

  • Cuddy finds House in her office with some kind of camera. He takes a picture of her when she enters and then a minute later when he leaves. He takes the thermal imaging pictures to Wilson who says, "You didn't talk to her did you?"
       "If I talked, she'd have lied, I'd have liked and though two negatives make a positive, I thought thermal imaging photos seemed simpler. Note how many more hated areas appear after less than a minute with me."
       "So, its either love or possibly rage."
       "Don't talk to her."
       "I have no plans to talk to her."
       "Manipulation is in your genetic code. You think I'm making a mistake, you move to correct."
       "You are making a mistake."
       "She lied to me. Either last night or today. I need to find out which and why."
       "And clearly thermal imaging is the way. This isn't a case. You aren't looking for a diagnosis. If this matters at all to you, please, for once in your life be an adult."

  • Later in the hallway, the conversation between Wilson and House continues and Wilson tells House, "Cuddy is not a Vicodin substitute. You have to wait for her to be ready."
       "Great advice. You pretend that I'm going to do that."
       "You've made two major changes in your life. Not a time when anyone's judgment is at its best."
       "Didn't you use to argue that my judgment would be better off drugs. Admit it, you're curious why I want to make her angry."
       "I'm sure it's convoluted, wrong and stupid."
       When House explains his reasoning to get Cuddy to admit what she feels, Wilson asks, "And then what happens? She admits everything and falls into your arms?"
       "That's outcome one. Outcome two is that she kills me. I think its 50-50 right now."
       House is surprised. "I thought you'd say that"
       "You're commiting yourself to something. Someone. I mean its childish in a way. But ultimately great. Assuming --- Are you absolutely sure you want this to succeed?"
       When a clinic patient interrupts having been sent to House's office by Cuddy, House wonders what that means and Wilson says, "I'll go get my decoder ring."

  • Cameron has gone to Chase to tell him that she will destroy her late husband's sperm. He finds her in the locker room later. "You don't want to destroy it, do you?"
       "I said I was gonna do it. I'll do it."
       "But you don't want to."
       "I wanna be with you. Maybe I'm not comfortable with it---"
       "Let's say its our fifth anniversary. Are you ready to destroy it now?" She looks at him without answering. "Tenth. Three kids. They spend their summers in Melbourne and have annoying accents. It's disgusting how happy we are. You ready now?" Again she doesn't jump in with an answer. "You don't have doubts. You just don't want to kill the only thing left of someone you loved."
       Cameron starts crying and Chase takes her into his arms. She mumbles some things and then admits, "I do have trouble giving things up. For example, I never cancelled any of our wedding plans." Her tears turn to laughter.

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    House decides to make Cuddy angry by announcing from the balcony in the hospital lobby that he slept with Cuddy. She fires him. He goes to her and asks if she isn't overreacting. She says, "Fine. I'm overreacting. You've said plenty of lousy things to me before. But reaching the final straw has been a good thing because it made me realize we not only don't have a personal relationship. We never could."
       House is confused. "You've been overreacting to something I said?"
       "You insulted me. I walked out. It's nothing that hasn't happened a hundred times before."
       "No. No. That's not what happened."
       Cuddy is now sympathetic. "Are you okay?
       House takes the 'lipstick' out of his pocket and now sees that it is a bottle of Vicodin. House's real memory comes back interspersed with his hallucination. He is beginning to realize that neither the sex nor the detox actually took place. Until this the new hallucination had taken the place of Amber but now that he has to give that up, she comes back and says, "So, this is the story you made up about yourself. It's a nice one."
       Amber brought someone back with her. Kutner appears before House and says, "Too bad it isn't true."
       House finally really admits the awful truth. "No. I'm not okay." Cuddy takes House to Wilson who can tell by looking at him how bad things are. So during the wedding between Cameron and Chase, Wilson takes House to the psychiatric hospital they discussed before but before House backed out.

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