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These are educated opinions. We have no "inside" information.
We are merely relying on the information in the episode and our understanding of what makes House "tick".
Questions Raised by #120 "Love Hurts"
  Why did House buy Cameron a corsage, etc.?
House had agreed to go on a "date", not a dinner with a colleague. He then had the problem of trying to figure out what would make this an actual date so that he could live up to his agreement. Since we can see by his behavior that he had no plans to sleep with her at the end, he had to do something. So, he wore the shirt Cuddy told him made him look nice. And he took Wilson's advice on complimenting her shoes and earrings. He also made a reservation at a nice restaurant. He dressed up, when he rarely wears a tie, etc.
  • So, why did he agree to go on this date?
    House has his little world arranged for his comfort. He did not want to have to get used to another person when he was already used to Cameron. He had come to rely on her.
  • So, what does House feel for/about Cameron?
    He told her point blank, when she asked, that he didn't like her. Now, we know that he does lie. But he will go out of his way not to lie. So, what do we know for sure? Nothing. He may like her and yet not want to disturb the world he has made by bringing in a complication. There is just no way to know at this point.

  Whose picture was House looking at at the end of the episode?
We can see that the picture is of a man and woman. The previous evening he had been on a date with Cameron and so might have been reminded of his relationship with Stacy so it could be a picture of him and Stacy. But just before this, he had been asked by his patient if his parents had been to the hospital while he was near death. And House was visibly upset by the question - so much so, he couldn't think of a way to answer it (the patient's parents had actually seemed to prefer to have their son dead). So, House may have been thinking of his own estrangement from his parents and it could be a picture of his parents. At first we thought it was

Questions Raised by #121 "Three Stories"
  Was House an addict at the time of the infarction?
The patient who turns out to be House was "tossed out of the hospital because they were faking it to score narcotics". Does this mean the patient was faking it --- we do know he wasn't. So, it seems that the notion that he was an addict was a mis-diagnosis.

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