Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Holmes/House Fanfic

Fanfic is not for everyone but this one is cute. I haven't finished reading it yet so if it falls off the deep end, don't email me. LOL

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reichenbach Falls and Toby vs. Getting Shot and Steve

I'm still hunting for Holmes/House comparisons and recently, the best one I can come up with is that getting shot by your Moriarty can come quite close to being shoved off the Reichenbach Falls by the same guy, I suppose. Both are equally life threatening and both are committed by the same character.

With that in mind, both Holmes and House return in fine fettle. Both returns also have an unexpected aspect to them.....In RL, ACD did not want Holmes to return. ACD viewed himself as a "serious" writer and felt he was getting "type cast" (for wont of a better term) by Holmes so he bumped him off. It was only public pressure (and, perhaps finances) that forced him to bring Holmes back. In House's case, the unexpected aspect is that the Ketamine Experiment worked and he was hale and hearty.

(Personal opinion? I loved seeing a healthy House. Loved it. Laurie finally had a chance to use his prodigious physical acting skills unfettered by a limp and a cane. But, I'm glad we're back to ouchy House. The pain is such a fundamental part of the character that losing it would alter the entire conceit of the show.)

I snooped around The Canon to see if Holmes was ever shot and, no, he wasn't. Watson is the only one of the pair who was shot and a) that was before "he" narrated and wrote Holmes annals and b) there is some debate whether it was in the shoulder or the leg. (Even with the debate, neither war wound was in the neck or the were House's.)

Have I compared Steve to Toby, yet? I forget. The most apt comparison is that Steve helped House in Euphoria and Toby helped Holmes in "The Boscome Valley Mystery. (Toby was Holmes' bloodhound who, like Steve, didn't make too many appearances but when he did it was HUGE.)

It is also to be made of note that Toby's owner, Sherman, is the only character to ~ever~ call Holmes by his first name. Stacy, Steve's owner, used House's first name frequently and (as far as I can remember) she's the only character who ever has.