Thursday, April 06, 2006

Just a Quick Note

Re, my previous comment about consultations.

I'm rewatching "Clueless" and it's definitely a consultation. Cameron gets the information in the initial history. So add that one to the roster with Stacy's request for help with Mark.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Interesting article on House and Holmes.

Here is an interesting article on House and Holmes. Nothing in it is new or revolutionary; it's just nicely written. Also, her observation in the last line is refreshingly original. I think she's quite right.,1375,VCS_223_4590834,00.html

Here is the tinyurl if your browser is adverse to wrap arounds:

I did have one original thought in my head this morning! :-)

To wit: with Watson, er, Wilson bringing in "Lady" to clean we now, effectively have a Mrs. Hudson! The only major differences are that Mrs. Hudson was actually the Landlady of 221 B Baker Street and supplied most of the vittles herself. (I don't recall Watson being a cook but there may be an example in the canon of which I'm unaware.)

I've also noted that by taking cases given to him from Cuddy (Lestrade) or the hospital in general is a bit of a departure from the canon of Holmes. More often than not, Holmes' role was as a "consulting detective". People sought out his talents and expertise rather than cases simply "falling in his lap".

In House's world, it's quite the opposite. There are three ways he takes cases. He demands it. Cuddy makes him. Or, circumstances get him involved (say, there's a meningitis epidemic but one of the victims presents with something close but not quite it.)

So far, the only true "consultation" I'm aware of was Stacy's for her husband, Mark, in "Three Stories."