Thursday, December 29, 2005

When a House is a Holmes....

Thanks for the Welcome, oh Power that Is! :-)

I'm glad to be here.

I must admit that this is quite a daunting project so I beg your patience.

My intent is to begin with an overview of the obvious connections. Shore's own comments, the 221B street number of House's residence in "Hunting", the misanthropy, the "Holmes" minus an L is "Homes" which get the idea.

After that, I'll slowly wend my way through both the canon of Doyle's famous detective (I've been doing that for a while now anyway) and through the two seasons of House with which we have so far been graced.

During those weeks (months?), I'll try not to rag on any inkling that Stacy Warner represents Irene Adler. (Perish the thought!) I'll try to stay focused on the House/Wilson Holmes/Watson comparisons and not devolve into slash......but, really, come on you guys.......while Doyle never hinted at anything like it (the Victorians?! Surely you jest!!!!), Laurie and Leonard cannot deny that they're stringing their chemistry along. Look at the picture at the top of this very page!*

For now, I just finished reading The Sign of the Four and will get down to brass tacks as soon as I'm able.

Just rest on the pleasant thought that Miss Rebecca in the Premier is, in fact, Rebecca ADLER.

*I promise I won't slash this up. I'm not into that stuff if it doesn't make sense for the characters and I don't think it does in this case. We're hindered by the fact that the actors have crazy mad chemistry but I promise to keep it to a minimum. That does mean it has to be addressed as a difference between House and Holmes, though. So don't get all squeamish on me.

Welcome, Cap, to this new "House and Holmes" Endeavor

House MD Guide looks forward to what you will discover about how Gregory House is related to Sherlock Holmes.