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     Does this team of writers have particular trouble making Cameron consistent?

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cameron in the Episode Hunting

For those that know the episodes but can't seem to remember the names, this is the episode where Cameron and Chase get their freak on. As I have said before, I am rewatching Season 2 and for Vanessa down in Sydney who is only been able to watch the first part of Euphoria, I just wanted you to know that there are several more episodes to go that are fascinating. Yet, back to the point, Hunting was a great episode. Not only did we get to see how obsessed House can be, we saw Cameron have a thorough meltdown. YAHOO!

Finally, the emotions are released and she's an absolute (inappropriate word) and doesn't apologize for it. This is absolutely the first time you see her tell it like it is and not end the statement with an "I'm sorry". Of course, finding out you could possibly contract AIDS from a patient won't put anyone in a happy mood. Especially when you find out that their happy lifestyle actually sucks. I was thrilled with this episode, finally the writers gave Cameron some life and let us see that maybe she's not as calm and cool as we would like to believe about things not pertaining to House. I can't wait to see what the writers throw at us next, what other demons hide in Cameron's closet and my big question, will we ever get to see her dead husband's best friend that she fell in love with while watching her husband die? Guess we will have to wait and see.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cameron's Neediness

My review of season two continues and from watching it again, I am struck by Cameron's neediness for men who are flawed. In TB or Not TB, you watch Cameron fall for a man that is willing to give his life for his cause, but the minute he's healthy you see her backing away. This characteristic defines her as a control freak and makes you wonder if this is going to be an ongoing cycle for the length of the show. Will she ever grow out of this tendency or will see simply refuse to acknowledge that it's a problem.

My big question for the upcoming season is will Cameron and House get together or won't they? My vote is for the togetherness, but at the same time I know that House will screw it up but with Cameron's odd tendencies she's probably the only one willing to put up with his antics. They might in the grand scheme of things be perfect for each other. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that they won't make it work until House regains his limp and pain in his leg. If nothing else, Cameron's consistent, House has to need her for her to be up for the relationship. Hopefully the writers will give Cameron a backbone and we will see a stronger character to go with her makeover.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Revisiting Season Two

Celebrating the release of season two of House, I have been rewatching some of my favorite episodes. What I had forgotten was that once Stacy left (YEAH), that House started to look at Cameron differently. Ever couple of episodes, you see House looking at Cameron with a glint in his eyes and then the next episode would usually follow up with his attempts to teach Cameron that you can't trust people. So this leaves me to ask, is it that the writers don't know what to do with Cameron or is it that they are afraid to let the relationship develop?

This question is fairly simple but the moment you think you have an answer, the writers pull a 180. For example we have the episode with the little boy who had the same disease as House's former patient that died. When he finally sees Cameron in her formal wear, he loses all train of thought. This shows House's progress, then the next episode shows the battle between her and Foreman. While the writers try to play this off as House's way of showing her that he screwed her over, it doesn't focus on her sense of his betrayal, it's on Foremans. Interesting. My question to the writers would be when are we going to see her get really pissed off with House. Season 2's opener, was a slight explanation of her anger, but it didn't go anywhere. I personally think that it would be good to see some of her passion come out when they are disagreeing. Deep down, Cameron is not as nice as she tries to make everyone believe. I think that she has the ability to be manipulative, etc. And if we want to see this relationship go anywhere, that side of her is going to have to come out. Otherwise, House will never take her seriously.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cameron in Season Three

For all of us who read everything that's available for next season's episodes, the buzz seems to be about House and Cameron. The discussion has focused on Cameron's attraction to House and the circumstances for which she pines. Could it be that she is really only drawn to men who have something wrong with them or will she still want House for the short time he has complete function of his leg. Who knows, but lets examine Cameron's naive faith that House is a good person.

Did anyone else find it strange how she was upset season one episode one that he may have hired her because she was good looking? Another way to examine that question could be that wasn't it strange that he was hung up on hiring her because he thought she was damaged. This mutual attraction could stem from his need to have someone as screwed up as he is as well as her need to have someone that needs her (hence the dead husband). So in reality, viewers, writers and critics alike all harp on her incessant need to help him when he likes the fact that she's screwed up as well. So will this seasons downward spiral open up the world of Cameron so that we finally understand why she likes House or will it make us more unsure of who needs who more.

Back to the point, it appears that the inconsistencies of Cameron can be equated to this first episode, because suddenly out of now where her infatuation appears. I mean, those of us paying attention, knew that nothing serious could ever happen between her and Chase because lets accept it, he's a big kid. He whines and complains and basically copies off the person sitting next to him. Yes, we saw some signs of life on and off, but what it boils down to is he has no empathy for his patients (and yes, while I accept that neither does House, House is a far superior physician than Chase will ever be). Chase was a distraction when House wasn't available (Stacy still hadn't disappeared yet). So while we wait for Allison Cameron to be as assertive with House as she was with Chase, we must sit back and wait. Yet, last season's finale might be the lead up so many of us have been waiting for, could it be that House is finally (FINALLY) going to make a move and more importantly will Cameron let it happen. So this season, we will just have to watch and see.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

A blog on Dr. Allison Cameron

Addressing whether the writers know who this person is.
Those of us that watch House, are starting to wonder where the writers seem to be going with Dr. Cameron. Allison Cameron can't seem to decide if she's over House or if she still harbors lustful thoughts that could lead to bigger and definitely more interesting things. Last seasons fling with Dr. Chase showed that while Cameron has a mild interest in Chase, she obviously thinks very little about his feelings and sees him as an object. And while this event should have made us hate her, you can't help but love the fact that House was disturbed by her betrayal and if she didn't know that it would bother him. So are the writers trying to make her more lovable or less?

Yes one could say that she's flaky and insecure, but this is true with most doctors (The God complex, need I say more). But these negative attributes make you wonder what's going on underneath. Could it be that her husbands death was just one more thing that added damage to her psyche or are there more interesting things yet to be discovered. I guess we will have to wait and see. So in short, I think the writers are attempting to make these characters so obscure that when you learn things about them, it makes you feel that much more compelled to keep watching.