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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our little girl is growing up...

Cameron really impressed me last night. She grew a back-bone and I have to say, that I thought she did what was right. She made a decision and she stuck to it. I believe this episode showed us what direction she' s going to be taking this season. I also have to say that I think House showed his more human-side when he visited her in the chapel. Two thumbs up from me for both of them. Who else can help instill love with an "I'm proud of you."

On the other hand, I think she's also the only one in touch with the downward spiral that House is headed for. Obviously the pain is more intense this season, whether it is from his lack of meds or something else. Either way, I think the two of them might end up leaning on each other more, which I think is about time. I know, I know, we don't want a soap opera, but hey I think the man needs someone like Cameron (at least this version that has some moral fiber).

As we can see, House may embark on an inappropriate relationship with this teenie bopper, which I think may ruin my whole opinion of him. Especially since he even told her it would be wrong, hopefully the writers won't go there. Save him Cameron please.

Scooting over to Chase for a moment, I am more and more impressed with his character every week. Could it be that he's moving away from being a daddy's boy, to be an actual doctor. Again, we saw very little of Foreman. Is Omar Epps out sick? Where did his character go? Although, I'm enjoying the focus on Cameron and Chase, they are at least lovable.

To wrap it up, Cameron continues to improve and to the writers, keep it up.


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