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     Does this team of writers have particular trouble making Cameron consistent?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Running behind

Hello all. I am running behind on viewing House this week. I have it Tivo'd at home and I haven't yet been able to sit down and watch. But as soon as I have I will give my further insight into the life of Cameron.

I'm not sure how Ill survive the month hiatus the show will take during the playoffs but I guess I will survive. Remember to send me your thoughts, questions or comments anytime and I promise to have this weeks review before you know it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our little girl is growing up...

Cameron really impressed me last night. She grew a back-bone and I have to say, that I thought she did what was right. She made a decision and she stuck to it. I believe this episode showed us what direction she' s going to be taking this season. I also have to say that I think House showed his more human-side when he visited her in the chapel. Two thumbs up from me for both of them. Who else can help instill love with an "I'm proud of you."

On the other hand, I think she's also the only one in touch with the downward spiral that House is headed for. Obviously the pain is more intense this season, whether it is from his lack of meds or something else. Either way, I think the two of them might end up leaning on each other more, which I think is about time. I know, I know, we don't want a soap opera, but hey I think the man needs someone like Cameron (at least this version that has some moral fiber).

As we can see, House may embark on an inappropriate relationship with this teenie bopper, which I think may ruin my whole opinion of him. Especially since he even told her it would be wrong, hopefully the writers won't go there. Save him Cameron please.

Scooting over to Chase for a moment, I am more and more impressed with his character every week. Could it be that he's moving away from being a daddy's boy, to be an actual doctor. Again, we saw very little of Foreman. Is Omar Epps out sick? Where did his character go? Although, I'm enjoying the focus on Cameron and Chase, they are at least lovable.

To wrap it up, Cameron continues to improve and to the writers, keep it up.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh what a dangerous web we weave

Last nights episode of House was interesting but yet didn't give me an enthusiastic outlook for the season. I expected this season to be off and running and it seems that it might be a little less than exciting. Cutty and Wilson appear to be dragging their heels with all the lies they've been telling or is it simply that they don't know what to do about House.

Wilson showed his true colors last night, giving his friend Vicadin to get him to function. Wow what a good buddy and then trying to control everyone is simply not Wilson's thing. He's more of a sidekick and not a leader. Cuddy's guilt-ridden self is proving to be less then exemplar. She's so worried that the surgery screwed up that she's not focusing on what's important.

Cameron though continues to impress me. She's growing a backbone. The fact that the backbone only appears when she's trying to help House, would be something she needs to discuss with her therapist. But this attribute makes her a much more interesting character. When she feels she's willing to do anything, which we kind of knew already, but it's nice to see that someone cares about House (besides himself).

I also appreciated that Cameron was dressed this episode. She appeared a great deal more professional. Did anyone else notice that Forman wasn't a major player this episode. Chase was all over the place as was Cameron but Forman was just in the room. Interesting.

Back to Cameron....I hope to continue to see more improvements on Dr. Cameron. She's moving in the right direction, lets hope the writers continue to follow this trend. And finally, when are we going to see some lip action between Cameron and House?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So the Spiral Begins

For those that watched last nights Season Premiere, I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Although, it does seem that Wilson is a bigger pain in the butt than I remember. Could it be that the writers are showing us how House would really see him when he's not drugged up. But more to the point, let's examine Cameron and House.

As I predicted, Cameron showed that she's needy and can't be with anyone that's not ailing in some fashion. I was rather disappointed by this turn of events, I expected so much more from her and from House. I have a feeling that I am going to have to suffer through another season where the writers skirt around their relationship. Although, Cameron seems to have grown a backbone over the summer, discovering that sometimes you have to say no. Although, I loved the fact that Chase was more than willing to step in and get it done.

My next question, did the writers ask for Cameron's look to change or is this wardrobes fault? I mean she always looked professional, but last night we saw her in some capries with open-toed sandals. No doctor is going to wear that to the hospital. I mean please, put the woman in some attractive but reasonable shoes. Also, what's with the capries, who wants their doctor walking in looking like a model? I want her to be strong first and sexy in a realistic fashion, is that so much to ask?

Consistency people please. Give Cameron back her old wardrobe but let her keep her improved attitude. House will be attracted to her more when she's willing to yell back at him.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cameron's Back

This evening marks the new season at least here in the States and we get to see Cameron after a season of reruns. The question is will we like this season's Cameron or will she continue to leave us disappointed.

There have been cyber discussion about House's attempts to woe Cameron now that he has full use of his leg, but word on the web also says that she rejects his attempts. Say it's not so. How can she deny him now that he's fully functional or does she know something that we don't. Could it be that Cameron sees the real House and she believes that his transformation is nothing but a facade?

I guess we will have to wait and see.