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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cameron got caught!

Does anyone else think that Cameron wanted House to catch her with Chase? I definately do. Last nights episode was good, the season is picking up now that we are on the home stretch. Sadly I think we might have to endure House wanting to hook up with Cuddy (oh the horror). I love Lisa Edelstein but I don't like Cuddy with House. Talk about bland. At least with Cameron we have some interesting interactions unlike the dry humor between House and Cuddy.

I did enjoy Chase's look of horror when Cameron so blantantly slammed him to Foreman. Duh, does he really not realize that she's using him. And his pining looks are making me gag. Chase needs to move on because honestly how many people want to see Chase and Cameron together? For those that disagree I'm happy to hear your side.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cameron and House

Sorry to those that have been looking for a new post. The third season of House has not been everything I had hoped for it to be. I thought we would finally get to see House hook up with Cameron and unfortunately we've been suffering through Cameron repeating the disasters hookup with Chase. Mid-way through the season I had given up on it ever picking up speed.

However, the most recent episode did give us a hint that House does still have the hots for Cameron and Cameron is most definately still has the hots for House. That kiss was steamy. I promise to give more insight now that there will actually be eight episodes in a row that might actually give the life back to the show.