Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Wilson, James. Boy wonder oncologist."

I had an appointment at the hospital today with a specialist called Dr Wilson! Fortunately for me, he wasn’t an oncologist… but House’s Wilson is, and that has to be tough. One of my best friends – a doctor – said she would never consider going into oncology because it was so difficult emotionally and most of your patients died. Maybe that's an exaggeration, or maybe she was just talking about the in-patients on the cancer ward, but I can still see what she means about it being emotionally draining.

So how on earth does Wilson manage to do it and still care about people? Not only that, he's very young to be a department head - if he's supposed to be about the same age as RSL then he's mid-thirties. Maybe all that emotional baggage goes towards explaining why he and House are friends. It might also be related to the fact that he makes friends so easily - he genuinely cares about people. Perhaps he finds that he works better if he cares about someone. And maybe that's why he's so willing to go along with House's crazy ideas if it means he'll find a cure.


Blogger Smaragd said...

i like Dr. Wilson a lot and i can relate with his unconditional affection for House as well as his understanding and confusion where House's behaviour is concerned. i also think he and House have things in common, Wilson is just the sweet version of House!

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