Thursday, April 06, 2006

"I love my wife"

I’ve noticed that Wilson doesn’t wear a wedding ring (before his separation from Julie, obviously). I wonder why not? There could be a perfectly normal explanation (my Dad doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he damaged his finger as a boy and doesn’t like the thought of anything on there now). Or maybe he just feels it would interfere with his doctoring, although he’d be wearing gloves to do anything where it might be likely to get in the way.

Of course, the other reason might be that it would cramp his style with the ladies, although I’m not at all convinced that he is a womaniser… There's a whole other blog entry in that somewhere...

Anyway, do American men wear wedding rings or is this a British thing? I’m sure I saw George Clooney wearing a ring in Ocean's Eleven. Or is it a Jewish thing not to wear a ring? Can someone enlighten me please?


Blogger eviltux said...

Yeah, American guys wear wedding rings if they are married and, as far as I'm concerned, so do Jews.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Nakanna Lee said...

Just some interesting quotes from the first season that tell a bit about Wilson's character...

“I love my wife.” –Wilson
“You certainly love saying it. I’m sorry. I know you love your wife. You loved all your wives. Probably still do. In fact, you probably love all the women you loved who weren’t your wife.” –House

“You love everyone. That’s your pathology.” –House to Wilson

“I wanted to be nice. That’s all. I mean it.” –Wilson
“You always do. That’s part of your charm.” –House

12:04 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

American men *do* wear rings, and if they don't, its usually because they forget (my Dad does that a lot before taking a shower and then, like I said, totally forgets). And then, on your second question, Jewish men wear rings, too. Even though I'm not Jewish myself, I have enough memories from my youth to remember my NiNi and my Grandfather *both* wearing wedding rings.

2:41 AM  
Blogger Harl Delos said...

The Amish don't wear rings. Maybe Wilson is a renegade Amish jew.

I'm not Amish, but I don't wear rings. That webbing you have between your thumb and your index finger? Everyone has a little webbing between their other fingers, too, and mine is about 1/16" bigger than average, which makes a wearing a ring very annoying.

Some people deal with it by constantly playing with their rings, turning them back and forth. Most don't even realize that they're over-endowed in the webbing department, and many think it's just a nervous habit. Sometimes it is, but usually, it's not.

Fortunately, both my late first wife and my current wife have no problem with my not wearing a ring, since I never wore my high school ring, and never bothered to buy a college ring, etc. Maybe the fact that I have big hands and big feet makes lack of a ring acceptable.

I never cheated on either one, and not for lack of opportunity, but how would they know that - for sure?

11:29 PM  

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