Monday, April 10, 2006

"You lied to a friend to save a stranger"

I was trying to put into words why Wilson is such a good, likable character when I came across an e-mail that had been posted to the House_MD yahoogroup. The poster, Jenna, summed up pretty much everything I was trying to say:

"If I take House out of the equation, I have a hard time coming up with a favorite. The three young doctors are all likable, and all have hints of deeper characterization in development. Dr. Cuddy, who enjoys making House's life hell, gets points for being able to go head to head with a man who intimidates all others.

"I guess I would have to go with Dr. Wilson, though. Sweet and caring, he's seems to be House's polar opposite. Keeping a sense of humor when all around him are losing theirs, at first glance it doesn't look like there is any way these two could be friends. Then you realize it's because of those differences.

"I don't know how they became friends but the fact that this man can be friends with the most prickly person in the world means there's more there than just another hand patting "It's all going to be alright" doctor. Hell, just the fact that he wouldn't let House be alone on Christmas, alone after a long and bad day, means he's the kind of friend worth having."

And that (along with the quote at the top of this post) sums it up quite nicely...


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