Tuesday, March 21, 2006

To 221B or Not to 221B?

Apparently House's address has undergone a bit of a change. It's no longer 221B on the face plate but simply 221. http://tinyurl.com/rqnow

Now, before we get our knickers all in a twist. This makes perfect sense.

He lives at 221 but IN "B". So, the face plate to the street would read 221 and his apartment "number" would beeeee B.

(And, if memory serves, there was a "B" on his front door when he admitted the homeless Dr. Wilson in the latest episode.)

For those fascinated with the House Home, this week's TV Guide has a passle of photos. The mantle piece reminds one distinctly of Sidney Paget's version of Holmes' mantle....just minus the bills posted with a dagger and the slipper o' smokin' tabakee.


http://tinyurl.com/l34tb (rock on, dude)

These photos and links were provided with permission by the inimitable Marykir of this fame. If you have not availed yourself of her site, do so now you silly, silly thing.


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