Sunday, July 02, 2006

Of mice and men -- Episodes 207 and 208, "Hunting" and "The Mistake"

Clinic patients:
Steve McQueen ("Hunting")
Guy without health insurance ("The Mistake")

I'm combining these because I don't have much to say and they're both Stacy-centric.

Steve -- not in the clinic. But he is a secondary patient of sorts, so I'm counting him. It says a lot about House's obsession with curing what ails ya that he even diagnoses mice. (Although how he thought something was wrong with a head tilt is beyond me -- my dog does that anytime I ask him to do anything.) Anyway, Steve obviously exists to help House and Stacy bond. Call it a precursor to Baltimore.

The guy without health insurance is much like the flight attendant in "Spin" -- he allows for another clinic confrontation between House and Stacy. House is just being House when he tricks "Buck" into (most likely) getting insurance, but this time it also applies more directly to the main case, where someone's hiding something about why Chase screwed up. As Stacy says: "Such a hero. Always righting wrongs. Who cares if you have to manipulate?" She's a quick study, that one.

One aside: Kayla, the main patient in "The Mistake," is another one who technically started out in the clinic, this time with Chase as her doctor -- which means all of the underlings have now officially been on clinic duty.



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