Thursday, May 25, 2006

Game. Set. Match. -- Episode 103, "Occam's Razor"

Clinic patients:
Woman who's about to get canned
Guy with a sore throat
Woman with leg pain
Guy who had love affair with his MP3 player

It all starts with Jodi Matthews, the woman who's about to be fired because she just doesn't like being told what to do. Talk about getting right to House's heart. The man just got forced into another round of clinic duty -- despite his best grandstanding efforts -- by Cuddy. Jodi's comment is like a call to arms. All the clinic patients from here on out are now unwitting soldiers in House's campaign to get revenge.

Round 1
Cuddy is called out of a board meeting to consult on a guy who complains of a sore throat. Her very annoyed diagnosis: He has a sore throat. As a side note, this is the first time we see House playing his video game.
Winner: House

Round 2
House pages Cuddy, who's out golfing, to consult on a woman complaining of leg pain after running six miles. Just when he's ready to buckle down and wait for another 30 minutes, Foreman pops in, making the scene merely a different venue in which to discuss the main case. Then the kicker: Wilson shows up ... having been sent by Cuddy.
Winner: Cuddy

Round 3
One of my favorite patients: The guy with an MP3 player shoved up his butt. House first vents to him about Cuddy -- "I get to knock of an hour early today. Know why? Because I kissed my boss' ass. You ever do that? I think she just said yes because she wants to reinforce that behavior." -- then uses his cunning observational skills to figure out what's wrong, then promptly leaves him for Cuddy.
Winner: House

2-1 clinches it. House takes it all.



Anonymous Jen said...

very funny. i didnt know that cuddy went golfing. seems more like a guy's sport, doesn't it?

7:51 PM  

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