Monday, June 26, 2006

Unfriendly skies -- Episode 206, "Spin"

Clinic patient:
Flight attendant with the runs

This patient is all about setting. Normally, I'd say it's more dramatic to have Stacy yell at House if she can burst in on him. But it ends up being a pretty funny scene because the patient's complaint is embarrassing enough without having to talk about it during a domestic dispute. So what the clinic setting does is give House fuel for his obsession with Stacy -- she's been hunting him down, even to the clinic while he's with a patient (and even if it is just to yell at him), so she must still have feelings for him.

It's also a testament to how good House is. Even with distractions, it's no effort to determine it's the gum that's causing the steward's diarrhea.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hummm what's the name of this guy, the flight attendant???

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