Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes, "General Hospital" IS worth it -- Episode 104, "Maternity"

Clinic patient:
Pregnant woman with birth control implant

It's not hard to connect the dots on this one, a pregnant clinic patient in an episode about babies. So stepping away from the obvious, there are a couple of interesting things going on.

First is that this is the first clinic patient to truly function as a B story, someone whose case we follow throughout the episode, from discovering she's pregnant to questioning who the father is to discovering who the father is and what comes next.

Second is the way she's used to complete the book-end format of the episode. It starts with House in the neonatal lounge watching "General Hospital," and because he agreed to do the woman's pre-natal care, the episode ends that way.

As for House, because he goes along with the mono story when testing her husband for paternity, we see that he's capable of using his lies for good instead of evil.



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