Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Season 3, Episode 11: "Words and Deeds"

Long time, no update. That's one-part holiday hiatus, the other part that the so-called 'Christmas' episode was the most depressing episode of anything I'd seen in a long time. I know we're all sick of Very Special Holiday Episodes of _____, but sometimes they're just necessary. At least a little holiday cheer would have been nice (like the infamous candy cane debacle), but Shore and Co. seem hell bent on living their dark arc out to the end.

Which, apparently, was last night. David Morse's final episode. I've said it before, I'll say it again: love David Morse, hate his character, want him off my show. And really, the end for him only made it more confusing. So House hits it on the head that Tritter has been screwed over by his wife, a family member, a partner. Okay. Fine. Sort of makes sense. But...they don't explain who, what, why or when. Um...hard to understand why the guy would be so pissed off if we have not even the vaguest idea of what happened. And then after saying that neither words nor deeds mean jack to him anymore, Tritter actually wishes House good luck? What? I might have missed something, but it seems a little incongruous for Detective Hitler to suddenly be wishing our favorite snarky bastard well.

Props to Cuddy for bailing House out, but her whole "you make everyone worse for being [around you]" line seemed a little cruel, as if she only saved House so she could own his ass. Everyone in this episode seemed to be going through a case of PMS, not just our patient.

I think anyone who thinks about this show from a production standpoint knew rehab was never going to work for House. House in rehab = House in detox = House off the drugs = House in constant pain and unable to walk, possibly = not the same cranky dude we know and love = a big production no-no. I figured it wouldn't last past the end of the episode, and I was right. What I didn't see coming was the fact that he'd been on Vicodin all along. On a second watching, I guess I can see the signs. Is it me, or does he look more 'okay' here than he did in Detox (when he was really detoxing)?

Now, on to the preview:

Haven't we done this "psycho blonde patient unhinged and attached to House" thing already with the girl with the spores in her head from early in the season (that I didn't like either)? Granted, if this were a male patient, I wouldn't be saying this, but it seems like a case of been there, done that. And sort of a B-movie stalker plot, at that.

But I guess we'll wait 3 weeks and see. Until then, enjoy your 3 weeks of Ryan Seacrest...


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