Thursday, September 14, 2006

Season 3, Episode 2: "Cane and Able"

A little later than usual, since I didn't get to see this episode until Wednesday night. And frankly, I'm kinda wondering what all the fuss was about.

I got somewhat of a kick out of the X-Files quips and references, being a longtime fan of that show myself. I'm sure that other fans were also thinking of the implants used by aliens for awhile on that series; also, Steven Spielberg's epic miniseries Taken also did a (visually) similar take on implants, where abductees had these little slivers of metal in their heads -- that when they were sucked out, actually came to life as little alien parasites. Creepy.

We continue this week with taking new looks at places in PPTH we haven't seen before. There's another shot of that new foyer second level, and then House takes the team through various rooms in the hospital in an attempt to find a big enough TV. Anyone who knows about television production knows this is one of the perks -- and developments -- of an emerging TV series. As you succeed, you get more money for production, which means that you can build more sets, which means, "Hey, let's go actually use that giant thing we just built." Exec producer Bryan Singer discussed at a panel earlier this year how one of the signs of success was the fact that they could now show ceilings in shots in Season 2 because they had ceilings to show.

Bryan also said one of his directorial influences was Tommy Schlamme (The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), and although he didn't direct this episode, I did see a shot or two sort of like Schlamme's sweeping camerawork, a style that's somewhat become more popular since the success of that political drama. Which is one of the only shows to have an entire giant set built merely for its pilot -- then again, it had TV production heavyweight John Wells behind it.

Random trivia fact: Sheryl Lee, who plays Clancy's mother, played Mary Alice Young in the pilot of Desperate Housewives, but was subsequently replaced with Brenda Strong. Who was on Sports Night, which was done by the people who did The West Wing. It's a small world, isn't it?


hivernante said...

Watched the whole of the first season this weekend (with two manuscripts overdue, three exams looming etc) and am spending my Monday morning searching for Hugh Laurie trivia, not fixing super-urgent system bugs.

I've been trying to figure out that deathly attraction (making me drool in the most unsightly way in front of the TV) - House is not the most gorgeous, nor the most charming character. Then again, there is this something which appeals to women (or me). After having watched the Detox episode, I was completely convinced that the writer is a woman. Before Detox I kinda liked him. After Detox I was head over heels in love with him.

My husband hated the movie 'Walk the Line'. Johnny Cash, according to him, was a weak, sniveling loser. (I tried hard to remember what I liked about my husband. Joaquin Phoenix a sniveling loser, ha!) After finishing the movie, I had to agree that he, indeed, was a weak-minded, issue-ridden, best-avoided character but there was something to him. Vulnerability, probably.

I began to wonder if there are some instinctive, or primitive attraction blueprints imprinted on female psyche. Authority figure is good, vulnerability tickling mother instinct is good, nasty asshole figure (excellent partner in primitive times?) is also good. House has it all :) And Detox was the episode where the all-nasty (but always right - add authority) House suffers immensely. He's silly in his competitiveness, childlike in wanting to avoid clinic hours, dumb in inflicting pain on himself that way, and not at all fluffy (or snivel-ly) as he does not beg for help.

Ah, I had also remembered, by that time, why I fell for my husband. He was my boss with that Housian ascerbic sense of humour.

Actually, I just wanted to say hello to you. Hmph.

After considering a change of career (becoming a professional stalker?) I'm back to work.

Enjoyed reading your posts.


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