Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Season 3, Episode 1: "Meaning"

New season, new blog. I've decided to start from scratch and every Wednesday, bring you my random thoughts on each episode.

I finally got to see the season premiere this afternoon and the jury's still out on it. Part of me liked it, the other part of me was pretty apathetic about it. It didn't really move me one way or the other till the end. But, it did bring to mind some other TV shows that have gone down this road before.

House is running. At least for the time being. House is supposedly crippled for life and yet he's running.

Did anyone else think of Dark Angel?

That being the sci-fi show FOX had a few years ago with Jessica Alba. Her main cohort slash love interest was Logan Cale (played by Alba's then real-life fiancee Michael Weatherly), a guy who was in a wheelchair. Then, for whatever reason -- I stopped watching the show at that point -- after however long of being in said wheelchair, he miraculously stood up and walked and was healed. Not too long after that, the show got cancelled.

I spent most of my night hoping House didn't go that route. But judging from whispers I've heard about the next few episodes, and some subtle cues toward the end, I'm thinking it won't.

On one hand, as a person, you feel remarkably bad for House. You want him to live a normal, pain-free, drug-free existence and be happy. As a viewer, we all know that we like our House cranky and that for him to be all Mr. Sunshine would scare us all and take out what makes the show unique on some level. It's somewhat of a conflicting time to be a fan, in that sense, when the best interests of a character you've come to know and love aren't in the best interests of the show.

Still, I think it's going to be a good season, because let's face it, Hugh Laurie would be good if he read the phone book.

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