Monday, January 09, 2006

Seeing and Observing

I have not been idle, my chickadees!

I have been snooping in the corners of the Internet and rifling through lofty tomes to get my facts in order and begin this blog.

First of all. It is pure fact and canon that David Shore, the creator of House, based his sleuthing doctor on Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. It's so clear that, if you will go to the previous entry's link, you'll see that House lives at 221B. (Holmes' famous digs were at 221B Baker Street in London.)

So, with the fashioning of House on Holmes established, I will endeavour to bring as many comparisons to light as I can find.

I will also enlist the able talents of Mr. C and Best Friend to help.

Recently, while having lunch in a swank hotel waiting for an Antiques Fair Gallery to open up, I had the opportunity to read a book by Michael Hardwick called "The Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes". I'm about half way through it now and I keep smiling at the similarities between the two characters.

I thought, for a start, I might just generalize on the comparisons and, in later entries, trace actual episode references. Otherwise a blog like this could get too amorphous and lack direction.

So, to begin.

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?" (Holmes, Sign of Four, chapter 6)

And so, we see House's method is the same as Holmes'. House is a deducer. He eliminates the impossible to find the matter if it's African Sleeping Sickness in a woman who had never been to Africa (Babies and Bathwater) or Leprosy in a child who didn't know his father had contracted it when he was, not an Air Force Test Pilot, but a navel-gazer in an ashram in India (Cursed).

Like Holmes, House has to go through observations and trials until he has reduced the possibilities to fact.


***I was asked by the Site Owner to explain slash for those who are not familiar with fan fiction. Fan fiction really began in earnest with the original series of Star Trek. Fans of the series take the characters and write their own stories. There is a very large market for fan fiction that involves alternate sexual orientation for characters and "slash" is what it has been named. Do a google search for House fanfic and you will undoubtedly get an avalanche of House/Wilson stories. Agree or no, slash is popular and it's out there.


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