Monday, August 21, 2006

Episode 218, "Sleeping Dogs Lie"

Clinic patient:
Chinese girl looking for birth control, and her sick mother

The connection:

With the girl's mom in the clinic, House faces the same sort of situation that he's in with the main patient's girlfriend: He knows something they should know, but does he tell?

Obviously the stakes with the girlfriend are much higher. If House tells her the woman she's about to save doesn't love her anymore, she might rescind on the liver transplant, thus killing his patient. On the flip side, if he tells the mom about the birth control, the girl will just be grounded for a few weeks.

Which is probably part of the reason he does tell the mom in the end. But why didn't he say anything the first time? He just gave the girl the prescription and sent her on her way. My guess is, like with the girlfriend, it was in the best interest of the patient. When the girl came back after accidentally giving her mom the birth control, House probably figured that if she's too dumb to mix up the pills, she shouldn't be having sex.

It's refreshing to be reminded of how quick on the uptake House is. The girl just had to say one thing before he figured out her motives. Her lying attempt fits in nicely with the episode's overall theme of deception ... as does the revelation that House speaks Mandarin, which he cleverly hid by doing and saying nothing while the girl translated. At any rate, after learning in "Distractions" that House speaks Hindi (or at least is trying to), he's proving quite the linguist.



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