22 February 2007

Patient Diagnoses, continued (and some miscellaneous material this blog covers)

Time to pick up where I left off...

Season 2

Anica Jovanovich - Clostridium perfringens
Fletcher Stone - Cerebral malaria
Margo Dalton - Hepatocellular adenoma (caused by birth control pills)
Adam - Serotonin Storm (caused by antidepressants used to assist in quitting smoking)
Alexandra Simms - Testicular cancer ("she" has male pseudohermaphroditism)
Henry Arrington - Brucellosis (requires heart transplant); Laura Neuburger (deceased) - gonorrhea (indicated by Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome)
Bob Palko - Gold poisoning
Melinda Bardach - Tick paralysis
Ian Alston - Erdheim-Chester disease (Author's Note: This may be a unique presentation of the disease, as indicated by Wikipedia AND several random medical journal articles concerning the disease)
Hannah Ward - Bubonic plague
Boyd Mullins - Herpes encephalitis
Officer Joe Luria (deceased), Doctor Eric Foreman - Naegleria fowleri, causing primary amoebic meningoencepalitis (Episodes 20-21)
(both of the following are from episode 22, "Forever")
Kara Mason - celiac disease, MALT (Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue) lymphoma
Michael Mason (deceased) - celiac disease, kidney damage due to asphyxiation
Leona Baker - Zygomycosis
Vince ("Harpo") - no diagnosis, symptoms are hallucinated and no actual prognosis of the patient is ever established

Season 3

Richard McNeil - Cushing's disease, Caren Krause - Scurvy
Clancy Green - Chimerism
Ezra Powell - Amyloidosis, subtype AA
Adam - Roundworm infection
Jeremy and Tracy - Hereditary angioedema
George Hagel - Metastatic lung cancer
Kyle Wozniak - Ragged red fiber
Jack Walters - Chronic granulomatosis
Alice Hartman - Congenital Erthropoetic Porphyria ("allergy" to light)
Abigail - Pituitary Tumor and Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Derek Hoyt - Spinal meningioma (Author's Note: at first, this was wrongly assumed to be Takatsubo Cardiomyopathy - more commonly known as "Broken Heart Syndrome", which, incidentally, was a diagnosis in the episode "My House" of Scrubs, which saluted the brilliance of House as a television show)
Eve - not really a patient...in fact, there were no true patients for House this week, just clinic idiots
Stevie Lipa - Perforated intestine (he swallowed a toothpick)
Hannah Morganthal - Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhidrosis, Tapeworm infection, B-12 deficiency
Patrick Obyedkov - Takayasu syndrome, right lobe of his brain is essentially dead

And this is the patient list up to the most recent episode as of 20 March 2007.

As for the other material, it's interesting to see how Foreman is again being painted as a sort of House-in-Training as shown by...
  • During the episode "Insensitive" (3.13), Stevie comments on how Foreman is single and never seems to have time for a family (much like House);
  • At the end of season 2, prior to House being shot, Foreman plans on simply walking out of the hospital to go see a movie (instead of working);
  • And...I ran out of steam, so I'll merely point out that Foreman increasingly starts to take more unethical paths in the course of treatment starting around the late-middle of Season 2. More importantly, I'm a tad tired.

I'll slowly start to catch up on the meanings of the titles of the episodes, and I may work backwards as those episodes are a bit more fresh in my head.


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