14 May 2006

A short hello from the author

Hello House fans, and their loved ones. In the interest of saving time and a lot of boring chit-chat later, I'm Paul. You can call me Paul.

I am one of the several bloggers at House, M.D. Guide (www.housemd-guide.com) and am the only one forced to do this due to BOREDOM.

In short, this blog will cover the meanings of the titles and how they are reflected in the ethics or office dynamics in the episode, the patients' names and their illnesses, the diagnoses that are used repeatedly throughout the seasons, and the growing similarities between Foreman and House.

I will post the list of patient names and their illnesses sometime after the season finale, and also do title analysis of the first three or four episodes in the next few days, as their titles lack the double-entendres of some of the later ones.


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