Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Informed Consent

A moral dilemma episode. Morals aren’t something House is overly concerned about. Which makes me wonder how far he will take the 17 year old clinic patient’s daughter crush on him.

I thought it was interesting when, after the 24 hour period passed, Ezra Powell knew House was lying to him about his bone marrow biopsy revealing multiple myeloma. Usually House is so good at “lying”, but this with patient, his lie was transparent as glass. Course it didn’t help with his team in the background not willing to go along with him on this one.

When House put Ezra Powell patient into a coma, instead of using the morphine to end his suffering, was that a lie? What do you think?

At the end, House told Cuddy he didn’t know anything about why Ezra Powell “died suddenly” – but he did. Another House-lie by omission. He knew Cameron did it. How is it he knew, I wonder? How is it he knew to find her in the chapel?

Did you realize it was Cameron who administered the morphine before you saw House rubbing her shoulder in the chapel?

I had. I’m not sure how I knew House hadn’t done it and Cameron had – must have been the great writing and foreshadowing in this episode!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Did House lie in this episode?

For a moment there (or two) at the end of this 3rd season opener, I thought House was wrong. This could just be me, but since House always “solves the mystery”, I thought that would have would have been an interesting twist to the show.

But, I have to admit, when it turned out that House’s diagnosis was correct, I was glad. Plus I’m liking the idea that Wilson and Cuddy are keeping that fact from House. They’re lying by omission to him. Which is interesting. I’m not sure I understand why Wilson insisted that Cuddy not tell House he was right. But I sure like that idea!

Do you agree with Cuddy or Wilson or not? Any ideas?

Any comments on why House sort of asked Cameron out for a drink? And why she said no?