Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Daddy's Boy

According to House, his father has an “insane moral compass that won't let you lie to anybody about anything. It's a great quality for boy scouts and police witnesses. Crappy quality for a dad."

Revealing words about House’s childhood. Growing up, he probably couldn’t get away with lying. And he probably watched his father call anyone and everyone on their lies. Which makes House a lot like his father, doesn’t it? He’d probably hate to hear me say that.

I thought this episode did a great job showing the juxtaposition between the patient’s family who lied to one and another about anything and everything and House’s family who didn’t let anyone lie about anything.

At the end, the patient’s dad tells his son “he’s going to be all right”, even though we all know he isn’t. The dad lies to his son to protect him from the truth.

When House hears that lie, I wonder what he’s thinking – perhaps that’s why his father’s insane moral compass makes him a crappy dad – even if House was dying, his father wouldn’t lie to him to protect his feelings. I wonder how many times in House’s childhood that he needed to have his feelings protected, but had the truth instead? Were his parents there during his leg infraction trauma?

I’m not saying one parenting way is better than the other. But this episode sure gave us some great insight into House’s personality! I loved it!!


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