Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Sherlock Holmes Reference!

Well knock me over with a feather! Finally, after months in the arid desert, the kind writers over at House included a Sherlock Holmes reference...and I'm not even convinced they are aware they did it.

In the latest episode, House is recruited in a super sekrit sneaky mission to diagnose an agent who is dying of a mysterious disease! Has he been poisoned a la the now famous Russian? Has he been irradiated? Does he have cancer of the blood?

In order to answer the cancer question, House calls Wilson on his super un-sekrit cell phone. After managing to convince Wilson that he really is calling from a CIA hospital room with an icky lookin' dude on the bed in front of him, he gets his answers about the cancer possibility.

With a last jab, House ribs Wilson by adding, "And don't worry. I'm sure they know all about your smuggling heroin in from Afghanistan."

A panicky Wilson blurts, "But I've never been to Afghanistan!" just as House hangs up.

Okay, the writers were probably merely referring to the fact that we are currently in a rather long term war in Afghanistan, Afghanistan is known for it's, er, popular poppy production and Wilson's complete paranoia. (And, after his experience with Tritter, I can't blame him.)

However, there is most definitely a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson reference embedded in there. When Holmes and Watson first met in A Study in Scarlet, Watson was just recovering from a gunshot wound and subsequent terrible convalescence from his war service guessed it....Afghanistan.

For Wilson to deny ever having been there is hilarious!

I hope the writers knew they did that (they could have chosen Bolivia or Iraq, I suppose) because it's really cute. Panicking Wilson is always adorkable.

Ah, on a personal note, it's nice to be back! Bring on the Holmes references, people! Bring 'em on! (After you finish striking, that is. Good luck with that, folks.)


Blogger dave ginsberg said...

RE: s. Holmes ref. 221 B (as in Baker St.) as House's house address nice touch tell me I'm not the first to notice this??

11:42 AM  

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