Friday, January 04, 2008

You can't always get what you want...

Just a quick post to get down some thoughts on the first episode of season 3, mostly the ending with the reoccurence of the use of 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' by the Rolling Stones.

Right at the closing scenes of the episode, when Cuddy injects the previously presumed brain-dead patient with Quortosol (sp?), the Stones rear their head to reiterate two things. Not only the more obvious point that House is unable to get what he wants - namely, a solution to the puzzle that he has so vehemently been seeking through the apparent abuse of his patient, but that Cuddy can't get what she wants in telling House that he was right.

This raised a few questions in my mind about Cuddy and her relationship with House compared with Wilson in particular. Where Wilson is certain that it is better for House to have known what it felt like to be denied what he was after, Cuddy is preoccupied by the fact that, despite all her misgivings, House was right, and she's having a hard time getting past that. Where others have doubted House and his methods, Cuddy has always been there to defend her renegade member of staff with the assertion that, when it comes down to it, he has saved more people than killed them (rather blunt phrasing, and I'm certain there's s more eloquent quote somewhere! - apologies).

In short, this scene at the end of the episode gives the first indication that House's place in the in the hospital and his attitude toward his patients may not be as altered by his near death experience as first thought. There is more to the relationship between Cuddy and House than employer and employee. Once again, the Dean of Medicine's respect for her rebel diagnostician overrides any compulsion to control or alter his methods of operation.

Those who were concerned that House may be losing some of his razor sharp wit and crippling sarcasm can rest assured that, based on Cuddy's reaction to House's correct diagnosis here, the House we know and love is here to stay.


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season one episode 14, which song is it? the one House is listening to in the end and Vogler interrupts him...i want to download that song!

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Blogger josiah said...

teenage wasteland by the who

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