Friday, July 21, 2006

Music as a window to Vulnerability....

OK, so I haven't posted anything in here for a while - things have been going a bit mad at work and I've hardly had any time to get anything done, let alone blog! I *have* however managed to watch the first season of House through again and am up to episode 6 of the second season, and I thought I'd go over a few things that have occurred to me while watching.

Although I haven't been making detailed notes on the songs used in the show so far (I really should staart doing that!) I have been thinking some more about the use of music in the show, and have come to the conclusion that its something of a 'window to vulnerability'.

What do I mean by that? Well, I suppose I mean that music is used most effectively in parts of the show where a particular character is exposed emotionally, and the music is there to draw the viewer into that emotion. This is used well in scenes with emotional patients, but is particularly effective when used in scene's whose focus is House. This is a guy who hides behind all emotion through a series of jokes, dissmissive comments or clever turning of questioning onto the questioner. It is very rare that we see any form of emotion openly expressed, so instead music is used to suggest this emotion and vulnerability.

For example, episodes often close with a piece of music over a montage of the effects of a patient on the doctors, be it positive or negative. The montage will often have House sitting in his office catching his ball or tapping his cane, contemplating the events of the episode and differences they may have made to the way that he operates.

Note - this is a draft entry that is not finished but I thought was worth publishing to assure people that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!