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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I apologize to anyone who has looked here for information regarding Princeton/New Jersey locations on House. But it isn't really my fault. Apparently with all the success of the show the creator and writers have forgotten where home is. NEW JERSEY!

I faithfully watch every episode with pen and pad at the ready. (I used to actually hold them!) There are very few references to the good old Garden State. Since the last post here are the few I have notes on. November just a lot of my standard hatch mark doodle. Nothing of note in that one. January 31...they were running near Lake Carnegie (years ago it was just Carnegie Lake...but whatever). Whenever they are outside of the hospital it does appear as though they are on the Princeton Campus but even that could be something somewhere else that looks like Princeton. February 12 ...the car crash was on "Canal Road, just outside of Kingston". Hooray an actual reference to a locality that really exists and would be icy, etc. And then a nice long break where we have to re-watch last season or go through serious withdrawal. (Do any House watchers really care who the next American Idol is? Anyone? Anyone? I didn't think so.)

So today I get an email from an obviously friendly and intelligent guy named Andy. He remarks on the restaurant and the backwards reflection in the Alchemist and Barrister-ish (a comfy little restaurant that's been there for decades) restaurant window advertising the hardware store across the street. Andy, you're right the location of the hardware store across from the Alchemist is correct. I want to believe, like you, that that locale was an homage to a lovely little spot just a few blocks from the University in one direction and the Medical Center at Princeton in the other. We'll just stick with that. (Andy and I are smiling now...each lost in our own memories of Old Nassau).

Along with the ending shot there are some other things that are "local". The stage on which Patrick/Dave Matthews was getting ready to play looked to be McCarter Theatre. A well known and wonderful theatre renovated well beyond it's original form and located at the edge of the Princeton University campus right next to the train station where you can catch the "Dink". And Cameron's applying for a job a Penn would be realistic. Penn, of course, is the University of Pennsylvania...a world class hospital just an hour south in Philadelphia.

I am disappointed that those who put House on the air have really neglected the environment that is Princeton and the area that surrounds it. There are statues on the street, great stores and restaurants. Why doesn't House frequent The Princeton Record Exchange? There is a very interesting statue outside the Medical Center at Princeton that includes a wheelchair that would amuse and entertain Dr. House for hours, not to mention provide him with ways to annoy and surprise those blasted friends of his.

What do you say guys? Can we "see" some more of New Jersey?


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