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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summer Re-run - "Euphoria" 1 & 2

Hi. Pennie here. What a chock full show to be my first entry!!! As you can tell from the synopsis of the two episodes there was a lot of action...but nary a mention of our beloved NJ. As a born and bred native of the state...I did not recognize the alley in which the episodes began but the view from the officer's pigeon deck captured what appeared to be the Trenton skyline down along the Delaware, which we must assume was the location is the oldest part of the city. The home are built in the style similar to the policeman's apartment. The large white square office building looks exactly to be the state office buildings in that part of town. There were quite a few times that we saw that big white building so I am assuming we were meant to. Not sure if it was a location shot or a similar building someone found. A view of the state house's gold dome or even the planetarium next door would have proved an actual location shot. But the building is certainly correct.

Again...the campus of the hospital is actually an aerial view of Princeton University (which has no medical school and is not affliated with the University Medical Center at Princeton).

Having been to what I will probably always call Princeton Hospital (that's what it used to be!!!) and having had occasion to sit in the looked to me that whoever described the interior to the set designer had to have spent some time there too. The chapel is a peaceful small room. A nice place to sit and think as Forman's father found out for himself.

Did I miss something? Questions? Additions? Let me know!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Editors of House MD Guide Note

This blog is being taken over by Pennie. The old postings by Jersey Girl will look as if they came from Penny (as does this post) but only the posts after this one will come from the new owner of this blog. We are currently experimenting with this blog even changing the way it looks. But from now on we, who have only a slight acquaitance with New Jersey, hope to learn about references we may have missed or be confused by in past and future episodes.